onsdag 21 september 2011

Wedding Cake Tradition

According to ancient legend the bride shall not make the cake herself. It will bring bad luck. The first piece of the cake is to be cut by the bride and groom together. The legend means this is for marital bliss and fertility.

To my mother:
Fertilitet................Det du mamsen ;-) Puss i pannan!

Sepia Scenes

7 kommentarer:

Birgitta - foto CHIP sa...

En sådan utsökt bild medskärpan perfekt - du kan du!

Ralph sa...

I was unaware of the tradition - as the wedding day is a special one, and the newly married couple are now one, cutting the cake together is a wonderful thing, an affirmation of this special day - and the new beginning!

Robin sa...

A beautiful photograph, stunning in its simplicity.

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Annie sa...

The softness of the creamy sepia blends beautifully with the romantic mood. And, I had no idea that a bride making the wedding cake was a harbringer of bad luck. Interesting tradition.

Annelie Esséus sa...

Naw, så fint! Och vi får väl hoppas att det inte blir småsyskon nu, fniss!
Bilden är fantastisk snygg, snygg i svartvitt och vilken skärpa!

Tatjana Parkacheva sa...

Excellent and very nice photography.

Regards and best wishes

4U2! sa...