måndag 21 mars 2011

Professionals In Action

Wouldn´t it be awesome to work with professional photography. To spend the whole day in the studio along with a moldable model. Play up photos together. Create art together. I do wish this could be a part of My World.

This day started at 8.30 am and the team worked until 6.30 pm. So yes, there was a hard workday in the studio.
A simple nude (read lightly rouged) model "built on" during the day by the stylist with crazy outfits and makeup. Serious pictures turned to humorous. Tension and cautious transformed into a relaxed an friendly atmosphere.
Even a accompanying Mom had a wonderful day :-)

Thank´s to my lovely photofriend Annelie for your generousity lending me the structure for todays picture.

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Annelie sa...

Åååååå, vad kul! Jag hade nästan glömt det där! (Hur kunde jag det?!) Hoppas man får se bilder därifrån snart, det måste varit jättekul!
(Och tack för länken, fniss....)

Rigmor sa...

Men så spännande det måste vara, tänk äntligen var det då dags! Ser med spänning fram emot fler bilder...
Sen blir man ju helt sjuk när man ser bilderna från förra inlägget, har det verkligen varit sommar med så många vackra gula blommor?? Jag ska aldrig mer klaga över maskrosor, de ska få växa hejvilt och lysa upp min tillvaro! Just som om jag legat på knä och petat upp dem förr...*asgarv*!!
Ha nu en fortsatt bra måndag!!
Kram kram

Sylvia K sa...

Oh, what a great post and what an interesting day your friend shared with you!! Looks like fun as well as hard work! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Marie!


Anonym sa...

if one is having fun, the hard work part of the equation disappears.

Martha Z sa...

That is a long day but if the work is interesting, time can go fast.

Anonym sa...

What fun - and what a great shot!

Walk in New York sa...

bel effet pour cette photo montage

Publicity ;o) Every Friday (and the Weekend), The Challenge "Walk In The Street Photography"

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