lördag 24 april 2010

PhotoHunt: Addiction

I have an obsession of this Swedish candy, Dumle. Sweet caramel covered with light milk chocolate. Yummi. If I get over a bag of this delicacy I just can´t stop until it´s empty. Isn´t that an addiction so what ;-). PhotoHunt.

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Maria sa...

Mmm Dumle, det finns inte här i Belgien. Inte ens på IKEA som annars brukar vara räddaren i nöden ibland:)
Ha en toppen dag och hoppas att ni också har lika fint väder som vi!/Maria

Jama sa...

I'm not sure if we can find this sweet here in Singapore,looks yummy! but since I'm not really into the sweet stuff, it doesn't make a different to me. One whole bar of chocolate can last me a few days as I limit myself to only a few pieces a day!

Marie-Louise sa...

Eller hur! Jag är en stooooor last. Choklad!!!! Fint fotat. kram

Rach sa...

they sound nice!

Greyscale Territory sa...

Chocolate and caramel! A magic combination! I would be addicted to that!

TorAa sa...

Dumle, Dumle come to me..


Skikkelig snadder er det.
Er du med i den nordiske utgaven av ABC?

noel sa...


i like your own interpretation of addiction with your candy bar, i've never had one, looks yummy

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